March 28, 2015

Sports Center Saturday - Sicily Island Girls Basketball Team, 1947-48

Sicily Island High School Girls Basketball Team, 1947-1948

Front Row (LtoR):  Coach C. B. Coney, Bernice Bruce, Virginia Pearson, Mattie Bullock?, Barbara Jean Pearson, Patsy Seal, Mary Lou Mount, Maurice Cupit

Back Row (LtoR):  Betty Gambrell, Virginia Dent, Mickey Salter, Margie Evans, ?, Adele Vaught

Note that none of the girls are wearing basketball shoes.

Mickey Salter Thurman was kind enough to help with identifying her teammates.  When asked why they were wearing their dress shoes, she replied, "We didn't know they were taking that picture that day!"  I think the dress shoes add a nice touch and make this one of my favorite photographs.

Photograph is courtesy of Pam Twiner Thompson.  Thank you, Pam!

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