March 19, 2015

LaSalle Parish Carved Out of Catahoula Parish - October 1908

Louisiana - 1908

One hundred years after the creation of Catahoula Parish, the final annexation of the parish would occur in the later part of 1908 with the creation of the parish of LaSalle.

The above map shows Catahoula Parish surrounded by the parishes of Caldwell and Franklin to the north, Tensas and Concordia to the east, Avoyelles to the south and LaSalle to the west.

The following article was posted in Le Meschacebe of Lucy, Louisiana on November 21, 1908:

Le Meschacebe - 11/21/1908
This last annexation marked the seventh time the political boundaries of Catahoula Parish had been changed.  Earlier annexations occurred in 1814 and 18281838 and 18431852, and 1873.  The creation of LaSalle Parish also followed the failed attempt to annex a portion of Catahoula to Caldwell Parish in 1904 and an attempt to create Beauregard Parish from Catahoula earlier in 1908.


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