March 17, 2015

Further Annexation of Catahoula Parish is Defeated in Election of 1904

Catahoula and surrounding parishes in 1893

The above map shows Catahoula Parish and the parishes which surrounded it by the year 1893.

Prior to 1893 and following the creation of Catahoula Parish in 1808, political boundary changes had taken place in 1814 and 1828, 1838 and 1843, 1852, and in 1873.

In 1904 a proposition to annex a portion of Catahoula Parish to Caldwell Parish was put before the voters of Catahoula Parish.

The Donaldsonville Chief of Donaldsonville, Louisiana reported the following on August 20, 1904:

Donaldsonville Chief -8/20/1904

The results of this election are found in this December 4, 1904 article from the same publication:

Donaldsonville Chief - 12/4/1904

Catahoula Parish would face two more proposed annexations in 1908, with one succeeding and another failing.

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