March 6, 2015

Catahoula Parish Boundary Changes of 1814 and 1828

Catahoula Parish created in 1808 from Ouachita and Rapides parishes

The settlement of Catahoula became a parish on March 23, 1808.  Six years later, in 1814, Catahoula Parish exchanged land with Ouachita Parish.  This boundary change is shown in the map below.

Catahoula Parish exchanges land with Ouachita Parish in 1814

The 1822 map below shows northern and central Louisiana after the 1814 boundary change mentioned above.

Catahoula Parish is surrounded by Ouachita Parish to the north and west, Concordia Parish to the east and Rapides Parish to the south. Natchitoches Parish encompasses the western half of the state.

Northern and Central Louisiana in 1822

In 1828 another land exchange with Ouachita Parish occured as shown below.

Catahoula Parish is now shown surrounded by the parishes of Claiborne, Ouachita, Concordia, Avoylles, Rapides and Natchitoches.  This was the result of additional boundary changes and the creation of new parishes within the state prior to 1828.

Catahoula Parish exchanges land with Ouachita Parish in 1828


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