March 16, 2015

Catahoula Parish Boundary Change of 1873

Central portion of Louisiana - 1856

By 1856, the parish of Catahoula had gone through five political boundary changes since its creation in 1808.  Previous changes were made in 1814 and 1828, 1838 and 1843, and the fifth change in 1852.

The above map of 1856 shows Catahoula Parish surrounded by the parishes of Caldwell and Franklin to the north, Tensas and Concordia to the east, Avoyelles to the south, Rapides to the south/southwest and Winn to the west.

Catahoula Parish's boundaries were changed again in 1873 when a portion of the parish was annexed to Franklin Parish.  The 1873 map below reflects this slight boundary change in the far northeast corner of the parish where Franklin Parish dips down into Catahoula Parish along the Tensas Parish line.  Also of note, Grant Parish was created in 1869 from Rapides and Winn parishes and is now shown as a neighboring parish to Catahoula.

Louisiana - 1873


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