May 31, 2013

Shopping Saturday - Dunn's Grocery in Vidalia, Louisiana

Courtesy of Chronicling America

Dunn's Grocery was located in Concordia Parish which bordered Catahoula Parish's eastern side.  This advertisement appeared in the Concordia Sentinel on May 21, 1921. 

May 30, 2013

Family Recipe Friday ~ Pineapple Cheese Salad

From the kitchen of Catherine "Kitty" McNair Nolen:

Who was Rosa Richardson Linder?

Date of Death:  25 January 1940
Place of Death:  Ward 2, Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Age at Death:  58 years
Occupation:  Housewife
Birthplace:  Mississippi
Father:  Mort Richardson
Father's Birthplace:  Mississippi
Mother:  Mary Ann Stewart
Mother's Birthplace:  Mississippi
Informant:  Elizabeth Jackson
Attending Physician:  Charles J. Gordon

Who was Ruth Routon Owens?

Date of Death:  28 December 1927
Place of Death:  Ward 5, Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Married
Date of Birth:  29 October 1875
Occupation:  Housewife
Place of Birth:  Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Father:  Jno. P. Routon
Father's Birthplace:  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Mother:  Mary Watson
Mother's Birthplace:  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Informant:  C. E. Owens

May 29, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Charlie's Nite Club

Will Peck, IV gave the following description of Charlie's Nite Club in his History of Sicily Island, 1976 writings:
In the late 1940’s the citizens of our community experienced the end of an era, some not realizing the impact it had made on the area. Kathryn Benedict of Mississippi, came to Sicily Island to teach English and art and fell in love with a local boy, Charlie Smith. With her help Charlie opened what was to become one of the most famous nightclubs in Louisiana.
When citizens of the community went to Natchez or Monroe to shop at the most fashionable stores, they visited with the proprietors on a first name basis, since they mingled, dined and danced at Sicily Island the night before.
Ike St. Clair became known as one of the best bartenders in the country. There were also the bouncers, Bully Smith and Duke Kiper, who were well known for their ability to perform.
Bud Scott, the popular musician from Natchez, played at Charlie’s many times.
Reflecting, one can see how Mrs. Mollie Steele always knew about the exciting things happening at the club – not from Charlie, her first cousin, who came to see her almost every day, but through her trusted maid, the hilarious Annie Barkshire who was married to the well known Ike Sanders, the cook at Charlie’s.
When the nightclub closed, many of the dealers left and reestablished in Las Vegas, thus ending a nostalgic period in the town’s history. Old patrons will always remember Wednesday nights as Homer Rushing’s voice rang out to an excited crowd, “It’s nine and it’s bingo time.”

May 28, 2013

Travel Tuesday ~ In Search of the Gillis Cemetery

Frank "Merle" Finister
The Gillis Cemetery is located on a knoll overlooking Lake Lovelace (now known as Lake Louie) in Sicily Island. 

Lake Lovelace
An incomplete list of those buried in the Gillis Cemetery include the following:
Roy Lee Enright, 1894-1918
Marion Jennie Lovelace Stone, 1814-1872
Frances A. Lovelace, died 1851; age 16
Samuel Lightner, died 1828; age 19
Samuel Gordon, died 1829; age 30
George Peniston, 1837-1842
I have wanted to locate and photograph this cemetery for quite some time.  While back home for a few days last week, my sister, one of my brothers and my daughter joined me in my search for the Gillis Cemetery.

May 26, 2013

Military Monday - Jerry Roy Long

Jerry Roy Long was born on October 2, 1946 to the marriage of William Paul and Alma Jane Long.  He entered the United States Marine Corp in 1965.  On March 21, 1967, Lance Corporal Jerry Long passed from this life at the young age of twenty years old.  He died while defending our freedom and democracy.

Home State:  Louisiana
Home Town:  Sicily Island
Cause of Death:  Explosive Device
Location of Death:  Quang Tin, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)

Location on Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall:  17E, 014

Unit Assignments:
  • 1966-1967 - Armored Units / 1st Anti Tank Bn
  • 1967-1967 - I MEF / 1st Marine Division
  • 1967-1967 - Fleet Marine Force Pacific (FMFPAC/III MAF)

Last Assignment:
  • 1st Corporal, Company C, 1st Anti Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

The Virtual Wall

Lance Corporal Jerry Roy Long is buried in the Highland Park Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

Wednesday's Child ~ Sidney D. Blaney

Sidney D. Blaney
December 18, 1946
March 2, 1959

Old Pine Hill Cemetery
Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

A Darling on Earth an Angel in Heaven

Sentimental Sunday ~ A Memorial Day Reminder

Not everyone celebrates...

I made this video a few years ago as a tribute to the fallen.  I decided to share this as my Sentimental Sunday post in honor of tomorrow's Memorial Day.

There is nothing wrong with spending Memorial Day enjoying backyard BBQs, fun on the lakes and in parks, etc.  However, as a grateful nation, we all need to remember the true meaning of this day. 

They have defended freedom with their very lives.  
It falls to the rest of us to preserve it.

(Note:  Original video was 4:23 minutes.  During upload it seems to have an additional 1:24 min of blank space at the end) 

May 22, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Yankee Cannon Ball Frag

Wednesday's Child ~ Franklin Adolphus Crawford, Jr.

Gone to be an angel

Franklin Adolphus Crawford, Jr. was born in Sicily Island on May 17, 1929 to the marriage of Ella Mae Smith and Franklin Adolphus Crawford, Sr. 

He was a brother to Richard Wayne, Sidney Ray, Samuel Cooke and William Mark Crawford.

Franklin passed from this life on September 4, 1932.  He is buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

May 21, 2013

Talented Tuesday ~ Alice Bell Kirby

Anniston Star, Anniston AL - March 25, 1938
This small, East Louisiana town today buzzed with reports of the supernatural powers of 12-year-old Alice Bell Kirby, who hundreds swear "talks" with a table and commands a ghostly hand that writes answers to her questions.
Alice Bell, seventh granddaughter of a seventh child on the paternal side, today had achieved her greatest evidence of weird powers, Mrs. Leon Kirby, the mother, reported.  The child has become proficient in mathematics, formerly the "tough" subject in her seventh grade classes.
Mrs. Kirby said her daughter discovered the strange powers by accident while playing with a group of friends.  The children tired of dominoes and decided to "play at making the table walk," Mrs. Kirby related.  They were terrified when the table actually "walked" at Alice Bell's command, the mother said.
Among the feats the child has been able to perform, according to Mrs. Kirby, were:
  • To get a "yes" or "no" answer to questions from the direction in which a dining room table tilted or tapped, apparently of its own accord
  • To make the table rise as high as three feet off the floor
  • To make the floor vibrate at her command
  • To make doors open or close without touching them
  • To make a pencil, without human motivation, scribble answers to her questions
  • To make a piano lift at her request; to make the instrument play a tune, unaided by human hands

May 20, 2013

Military Monday ~ William H. Gillespie

William Henry Gillespie was born in Mississippi circa 1842.  The 1860 census shows him living in Black River, Catahoula Parish.

William served in Company D of the 3rd Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

From a collection of letters written during the Civil War, we find the following correspondence from Brigadier-General C. J. Polignac to Major L. Bush, Assistant Adjutant General:
Headquarters Polignac's Brigade, Harrisonburg, Louisiana - March 3, 1864
"Capt. W. H. Gillespie with 50 cavalry engaged the enemy on the west bank of the Black River all the way up to Trinity, the enemy responding with a brisk artillery fire.  The six boats stopped in front of Trinity and shelled the place and its neighborhood.  I had disposed of my infantry force along the north of Little River to protect, as best I could the pontoon bridge, and also to detain the enemy, if possible, long enough for the captain of the Ruby (now engaged in getting lumber on Little River for the Engineer Corps) to be notified of their approach by a courier previously sent by me.  The boats, however, did not come up Little River, and Lieut. O. Gaudet, in command of the only section of artillery that I had opened on them with two 12-pound howitzers, which of course, were unable to check their progress.  This officer behaved very well.  His action was within 300 yards of the iron-clad boat, and stood the unequal contest with a great deal of coolness."
"As soon as the gun-boats had run past Trinity, and thus made apparent their intention of attacking Harrisonburg, I moved my infantry back to that place that same night, as I had to ferry the Bushley Bayou, a navigable stream, where the enemy could easily head me off.  It had rained the day previous and the road had become almost impassable.  Two caissons had to be left behind.  I have since had them pulled out and brought to camp.  I ordered the cavalry to remain at Trinity.  Capt. John G. Randle, by some unaccountable mistake, took his cavalry up Little River, so the duty of guarding the town devolved upon Captain Gillespie alone.  This young officer behaved throughout with coolness, energy and judgement, and I take great pleasure in commending him to the officers above me."
William Henry Gillespie married Maria A. Cuny and had the following children:
Laura, 1868-bef 1880
William Henry, Jr., 1872-1849
The date of death for William Henry Gillespie, Sr. is unknown.  Louisiana marriage records show a Mary A. Gillespie marrying John A. Wansley in Catahoula Parish on January 31, 1878.  It is assumed that William died after his son's birth in 1872 and before his wife's second marriage in 1878.

William Henry Gillespie, Sr. is buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

May 18, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus

"Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus" was one of many songs found in The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal we sang from in the First United Methodist Church in Sicily Island.

It was also one of the first hymns our Methodist Youth Fellowship (M.Y.F.) group learned under the direction of Mrs. Thelia Marie Huff Krause

Mrs. Thelia had the patience of Job!  The way she managed to keep a rambunctious bunch of kids still long enough to learn their songs was nothing short of a miracle.

As the mother of one of my best friends, Mrs Thelia played a big part in my childhood and remained a part of my life for many years. 

I catch myself singing this old hymn from time to time.  Each time I do, I think of Mrs. Thelia and the memories I have of her and her family.

Mrs. Thelia passed from this life on September 26, 2002 and is buried alongside her husband, Albert Earl Krause, in the Highland Park Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

Courtesy of Karen Klemm Pinckard at

The following children were born to the marriage of Thelia Marie Huff and Albert Earl Krause, Sr.:
Linda Lou (m. Lynn Evans)
Albert Earl, Jr. (m. Mary Kate Nolen)
Peggy (m. Joe Bondurant)
Henry Roy "Rook" (m. Marguerita Carter)
Walter Markham "Pot" (m. Gloria Jean Johnson)
Mary Elizabeth (m. Ronnie Bruit)

Shopping Saturday - Dixie Darlin' Deal

Catahoula News Booster - April 22, 1965

May 17, 2013

Who was Steve Y. Wilkinson?

Date of Death:  29 Nov 1930
Place of Death:  Ward 5, Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Married
Date of Birth:  16 Aug 1879
Age at Death:  51 years; 3 months; 13 days
Occupation:  Farmer
Birthplace:  Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Father:  John P. Wilkinson
Father's Birthplace:  ?
Mother:  Susan R. Folk
Mother's Birthplace:  Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Informant:  George R. Wilkinson
Attending Physician:  O. J. Richardson

Who was T. Elmer Kirby?

Date of Death:  4 Mar 1925
Place of Death:  Ward 5, Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Married
Age at Death:  50 years
Occupation:  Farmer
Birthplace:  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Father:  James M. Kirby
Father's Birthplace:  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

Family Recipe Friday ~ Fresh Berry Sherbet

From the kitchen of Dorothy Havard of Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana:

May 15, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ The Old Shack and the Treasures it Held

A couple of years ago I was back home for a visit and decided to venture out to an old shack that stood behind our house.  This shack has been standing for over fifty years and will most likely remain standing for many years to come.

As children, we called the shack our playhouse; the girls taking up residence in the front room and the boys taking the back room.  Over the years it became more of a storage place. 

While the floorboards on the little front porch have rotted, the floors within the shack are still quite sturdy.  However, on this particular occasion, I was not concerned with the flooring as much as I was with what I might find residing in the old shack.  I could see through the door and noticed several boxes that had begun to deteriorate.  I had a choice.  Walk away because of my fear of "critters" or make a dash inside and retrieve the boxes.

May 14, 2013

Wednesday's Child ~ Ava Enright

Our Darling Baby; Asleep in Jesus

Ava Enright was born in Sicily Island on April 30, 1919 to the marriage of Roy Lee Enright and Agnes Wells.  Little Ava arrived in this world one month early and lived for only one hour and forty minutes.

Her father, Roy Lee,  died of Pneumonia the previous November when Agnes was only three months pregnant.

Ava is buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Roy Lee Enright is buried in the Old Gillis Cemetery also known as the Lovelace Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Agnes Wells Enright died in Texas in 1971 and is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi.

Who was Grover Cleveland Terry?

Date of Birth:  31 Oct 1884
Birthplace:  Near Manifest, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Father:  Martin Terry
Father's Birthplace:  Livingston Parish, Louisiana
Father's Occupation:  Carpenter
Mother:  Sallie M. Young
Mother's Birthplace:  Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Mother's Occupation:  Housework
*Certificate filed 26 Sep 1940

Who was son Gaulden?

Date of Death:  31 Oct 1930
Place of Death:  Ward 2, Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Single
Age at Death:  68 years
Birthplace:  Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Father:  William Gaulden
Father's Birthplace:  Mississippi
Mother:  Mary Dorsey
Mother's Birthplace:  Louisiana
Attending Physician:  Charles J. Gordon
Burial Place:  Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

Talented Tuesday ~ Buddy Blair

Louis Nathan "Buddy" Blair was born in Columbia, Mississippi on September 10, 1910 to the marriage of Peter Blair and Clarinda Barnes.  He and his family moved to Sicily Island where he graduated from Sicily Island High School in 1931.

While in high school, Blair excelled in sports and was named the high school state champion in javelin and pole vault.

His sports career at Louisiana State University included three letters in basketball, three letters in baseball and three letters in track.  In 1933, the LSU track team won the National Collegiate Title and Blair was named All American in Javelin.

1933 LSU Track Team - Buddy Blair, standing next to Coach Bernie Moore

May 12, 2013

Military Monday ~ Jesse Mathew Nelson, Sr.

Jesse Mathew Nelson was born in Avoyelles Parish on May 3, 1892 to the marriage of Walter Samuel Nelson and Alice Oliphant.

Jesse enlisted in the United States Military on June 11, 1918 and was honorably discharged as a Fireman 3rd Class in the United States Naval Reserve Force on September 30, 1921.

Jesse married Lillie Egloff in 1922 and had the following children:
Jesse Mathew, Jr.
Russell James
Viola Mae
Huey Long

Jesse Mathew Nelson, Sr. died on February 2, 1955 in Alexandria, Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  He is buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

May 11, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ The Mothers of My Past

Remembering the Doodlebug

Sicily Island Depot in the 1940s

Transcribed from recordings made by my father in the 1990s: 

"Each day at 10am and 3pm the Doodlebug made stops in Sicily Island.  The postmaster, Tom Hardin, would whistle for Harry Jenkins.  It was Harry's job to harness an old gray horse to a wagon and head to the depot to pick up the mail.  The old gray horse was named Mag and she belonged to Buck Smith.  Always following along behind Harry and Mag were two old dogs named Blue and Trailer."

Shopping Saturday ~ Krause Feed and Seed

Fred Krause Feed and Seed Store - established in the early 1950s

Frederick Oscar Krause was born in Sicily Island on February 3, 1920 to the marriage of Henry Markham Krause, Sr. and Earle York.  He was a brother to Henry Markham, Jr. and Albert Earl Krause, Sr.   

May 8, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ A Father's Gift

My father loved to talk about our family history as well as the history of our small village and parish.  What a memory he had!  As a young girl, I loved listening to his stories.  I never thought to take notes.  I was, however, blessed to have a memory almost as good as his.  

Over the years, several attempts were made to create our family tree on paper.  The double cousins and such created a few obstacles; preventing him from ever accomplishing the task.  For example, my great-great grandmother's sister married my great grandfather's uncle.  Boggles the mind! 

Who was John William Daniel Sumners?

Date of Death:  11 Nov 1932
Place of Death:  Ward 2, Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Married
Age at Death:  53 years
Occupation:  Farming
Birthplace:  Lincoln County, Tennessee
Father:  Thomas H. Sumners
Father's Birthplace:  Tennessee
Mother:  Phedora Brady
Mother's Birthplace:  Tennessee
Information:  John Green
Attending Physician:  Charles J. Gordon

Who was James McGuffee?

Date of Death:  23 Jan 1930
Place of Death:  Ward 5, Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana
Marital Status:  Married
Age at Death:  60 years
Occupation:  Farmer
Birthplace:  Mississippi
Father:  B. F. McGuffee
Informant:  L. L. McGuffee
Attention Physician:  P. W. Calliham

May 7, 2013

Wednesday's Child ~ Audrey Glascock

Audrey Glascock was born to the marriage of Archibald Wingfield Glascock and Ida Page.  She was a sister to Herbert, Hubert, Luta Mae, and Robert Lee Glascock.

Her tombstone shows her date of birth as October 16, 1906.  However, her death certificate shows her date of birth as October 13, 1906.

Courtesy of Ancestry member, BrendaLeeAllen
The 1910 census shows Audrey and her family living with her paternal grandparents, Benjamin and Leatha Jenkins Glascock, in Ward 8, Livingston Parish, Louisiana.

The family was living in Lee Bayou, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana when Audrey died of colitis on June 4, 1918.  She is buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

May 6, 2013

Talented Tuesday ~ Coy Wilton Wynn

Photograph by Eileen Blass, USA TODAY

Coy Wilton Wynn was born in Prescott, Arkansas on August 9, 1920 to the marriage of Ota Gilbert Wynn, Sr. and Kate Ward.  He was a brother to Hazel, Ota Gilbert, Jr. and Winnie Wynn.

The family moved to Louisiana in the mid-1920s and can be found on the 1930 census living in Wisner, Franklin Parish, Louisiana.

By 1940 the Wynn family had moved again and made their home in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

May 5, 2013

Military Monday ~ Johnnie Ford Bourke

Johnnie Ford Bourke was born on February 8, 1918 to the marriage of Elijah V. Bourke and Ida Mae Ford.  He was a brother to Louis, Rosemary and Charles "Mo" Bourke.

Johnnie served in the United States Navy during World War II.  The March 31, 1944 Muster Roll of the crew of the U.S.S. Evans (DD552) shows his rank as MM2c V6.

May 4, 2013

Shopping Saturday ~ Jack's Place

Jack's Place was established in the early to mid-1930s.  The proprietor, Jack G. McNair was the son of John Grafton McNair and Jessie Chisum.

Jack and his brother, Thomas Chisum "Son" McNair operated Jack's Place for many years.

While Jack's Place was known for its beer, wine and whiskey offerings, it was also a place where the locals gathered daily to visit and catch up on the latest happenings on the Island.

In the photograph to the left, the village constable is seen standing in front of Jack's Place back in the 1930s.