September 28, 2013

Home Movies ~ Island Street Scenes and Neighbors, 1960s

This video from the early 1960s shows the following scenes:
Neighbors in their yards - Cloy, Krause, Woodward-Peck, Smith-Peniston, Smith-McNair, Gilbert
Lovelace/Peck home with an old Indian Mound and Lake Lovelace in the background
Businesses on Newman Avenue - Old Post Office, Jack's Place, Wynn's
Pet deer the Gilbert family kept in their back yard


Some of the faces you'll see:
Richard Harris Cloy and granddaughter, Diana Stubbs, Anita Oliphant, Bro. Davis and his wife, Estelle Woodward Peck, Nan Brooks, Cathleen Dale, Jessie Smith Peniston, Jessie Smith McNair,
Henry Doniphan Peniston, Oscar Krause, Ben Westerburg, Birdie Talbert Krause, Georgia Westbrook Peniston, J. C. "Sonny" Gilbert with Barbara Jane Peck Gilbert, Barbara Gilbert and Jess Gilbert

Below are photographs of some of the businesses and homes taken in 2010.  Which ones do you recognize from the video?

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