September 28, 2013

Home Movies ~ Scenes from Bruce's Drive-In and the Methodist Church, 1960s

This 1960s video clip begins with a birthday party outside of the old Bruce's Drive-In.  You'll see the old picnic tables mentioned in my previous post as well as the railroad tracks that ran behind Bruce's Drive-In.  The last portion of the video clip shows scenes from the Methodist Church in Sicily Island.

Some of the faces you'll see:
Susan, Brenda and Elizabeth Baxter
Mary Eva and Joy Vaught
Clarendon Peck, Sr.
Earle York Krause
Edmonds Children
Jess Gilbert
Olga Knight Seal
Willly Woodward


  1. OMG ! Love it . Who is that adorable little red-haired girl ? :)

    1. Well, you know I had to make an appearance at some point!