September 30, 2013

Tuesday's Tune ~ Autumn Leaves

Webster's definition of Amanuensis:  A literary or artist assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts.

My Monday posts, 'Amanuensis Monday ~ The Stories That Should Be Told' are transcriptions of cassette tapes my father made in the early 1990s.  On each of the tapes, my father speaks of his love of Sicily Island.  In one passage he recorded the following:
I love this Island and always have.  I'm a part of it.  I'd like to be a part of the Island like the wind, the rain and the falling leaves.  A part of the Island that goes on and on forever.  We all have our hopes, our dreams.  We'd rather have this or we'd rather have that.  If I had my "rathers" I'd rather leave here on some pretty Fall afternoon.  Take my leave on the breeze of the leaves that come down on a Fall afternoon.  My last memories will be of this Island and the wonderful times I've spent here. 
My father passed from this life and the Island he loved on the 24th of July in 2002.  No, it wasn't a pretty Fall afternoon when he took his leave.  His "rathers" were not part of God's plan.

I think of my father each time I hear Nat King Cole sing 'Autumn Leaves'.  I think of his dream to remain a part of the go on and on forever like the wind, the rain and falling leaves.  Through the sharing of his recorded memories, I hope to make his dream come true. 

I miss you most of all when Autumn leaves start to fall....

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