September 7, 2013

Sports Center Saturday ~ The First Undefeated Season

From the 1962 edition of El Tigre:
In the annals of football history one often beholds a luminous star flash across the horizon.  The glow is "lovely to look at, a joy to behold" but it soon fades, passes away, and becomes a dim memory.  However, once in a lifetime there is a storybook team which has no individual stars--they are all stars--working together and blending as a magnificent unit.  Such was the team of 1961-62, giving us our first undefeated season.  Among these games was our one hundredth victory since football was instituted at Sicily Island.
To this noble team of gallant Tigers and their splendid coaches, J. R. Peace and W. C. Speights, we dedicate this issue of El Tigre.  We have gloried in your victories and achievements, for they are golden moments touched lightly upon the harp of memory.  May the years bring continued happiness and victories to you, the Tigers of 1961-62.

1961-62 Sicily Island Tiger Football Team

1st Row (LtoR):  Albert Krause (HB; Captain), Carey Fairbanks (G; All-District), Talmadge Ashley (QB), Bill Stubbs (HB)

2nd Row (LtoR):  Coach W. C. Speights, Marvin "Brother" Nolen (C), Joe Gibson (FB), Mike Haley (E), Benton Blackmon (E; All-District), Bobby Ashley (HB), Gus Watson (T), Deryl Price (E), Kenneth Bird (T), Johnny Young (HB), Coach J. R. Peace

3rd Row (LtoR):  Robert Alexander (G), Henry Parker (G), Craig Brooks (E), John Knotts (C), Jerry Wells (T), Joe Raymond Peace (C), Charles Mason (T), Bill Crawford (E), Jerry Hinton (FB; Co-Captain; All-District)

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