December 28, 2012

Richard Harris Cloy Family

Richard Harris Cloy was born on June 20, 1876 in Franklin County, Mississippi.  In 1908, he married Pinkie Paralee Bowman who was born on April 19, 1887 in Franklin County, Mississippi.

From Our Island Heritage, Vol. 3, 1978, compiled by Sophie Haley and Mickie Smith:
When Richard and Pinkie married, they moved into the house built by Richard's father before he went off to serve in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  He was already farming the land but as his family grew, he found it impossible to make a living for them in the poor soil on the hills of Mississippi with only a couple of teams of mules and some hand plows.  In those days there were few odd jobs with which a farmer could supplement his income.
With the assistance of Pinkie's father, Frank Bowman, and her brother, Barney Bowman, some land was rented for the Cloys from Levi Wray "Lee" Furr who had earlier migrated to Louisiana from Mississippi.  So, in December of 1923, Richard, Pinkie and seven children moved "West" to the "rich and fertile" lands of Louisiana.  Three more children were born after they moved to Louisiana. 

Richard Harris Cloy died on April 27, 1969 and Pinkie Paralee Bowman Cloy died on May 12, 1960.  Both are buried in the Highland Park Cemetery in Sicily Island.  (Editor's note:  tombstone photograph is courtesy of Melissa West Reeves at

The following children were born to the marriage of Richard and Pinkie Bowman Cloy:

Mary Nellie, 1909-1992 (m. James Wilton Hair, 1911-2002); Both are buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas.  (Editor's note:  tombstone photographs are courtesy of 4th great grand daughter at

Richard Frank, 1910-? (m. Mary Ella Foley, 1913-2002)

John Edward, 1912-1996 (m. Jacquelyn Buell, 1913-2001); Both are buried in Memorial Oaks Cemetery in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  (Editor's note:  tombstone photograph is courtesy of Cheryl Williamson at

Anna, 1914-2002 (m. 1. John Moses Cole, 1912-1958; m. 2. Garland Lyell Furr, 1901-1994); John Moses Cole is buried in the Highland Park Cemetery in Sicily Island.  Anna and Garland Furr are both entombed in the same cemetery.  (Editor's note:  tombstone photographs are courtesy of Shirley Burks Wells and Karen Klemm Pinckard at

Jerald Hudson, 1917-1998 (m. Mary Louise Choate, 1921)

Wallace O., 1919-1942; Wallace was a Sergeant in the 13th Bomber Squadron, 3rd Bomber Group when he died in battle during World War II.  He is interred overseas in the Manilla American Cemetery and Memorial.  (Editor's note:  photograph is courtesy of Paul Hyde Schott at

Charles Clay, 1921-1989 (m. Myree Wood, 1922-2008); Both are buried in the Resthaven Gardens of Memory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Barnie Lee, 1924-2006 (m. William Perry Stubbs, 1913-1986); Perry and Barnie Lee had two children:
William Perry, Jr.
Thelma Diana, 1954-2009 (m. John Sylvest)
Barnie Lee Cloy Stubbs and William Perry Stubbs, Sr. are buried in the Highland Park Cemetery in Sicily Island.  (Editor's note:  tombstone photograph is courtesy of Karen Klemm Pinckard at

Jarvis Roan, 1927-2012 (m. Jean Furr)

Courtesy of Ernest Bowman at

William M., 1932 (m. Marjorie Holmes)

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