October 26, 2013

Home Movies ~ Methodist Church Scenes, 1970

This movie clip was taken in 1970 outside the Sicily Island Methodist Church.  The quality is poor but hopefully you'll recognize some of the people listed below the clip.

Barnie Lee Cloy Stubbs and Diana Stubbs
DeLeta Furr Peniston
Juanita Bird
Thomas Enright and Barbara Gilbert
Garland and Anna Cloy Furr
John Girault Bird and Girault Bird
Birdie Talbert Krause and Oscar Krause
Lillian and O. G. Wynn, Jr. with Howard Wynn
Patsy Smith Jackson
Walling Chisum
Judy Krause
Lynn Evans
Bro. Hodges
Gerre Wycoff
Mildred Bynum Edmonds with Deborah, Mary, John and David
Buddy and Becky Fairbanks
Olga Knight Seal
Sallie Knight Fairbanks
Maggie Knight
Estelle Woodward Peck
Blair Chisum
Janet, Joey and Jerel Evans
Willie Evans Knight
Mrs. Hodges

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