October 7, 2013

Tuesday's Tune ~ Mama Said

Family History Research:  The good, the bad and the Shirelles.
There are good days.  Days when you find that missing piece of a particular family puzzle which has eluded you for months.  Days when you connect with a long, lost cousin who provides you with tons of information. 

There are bad days.  Days when brick walls spring up at every turn.  Days when shiny things and squirrels take you off on journeys you hadn't planned on taking.

Fortunately for me, the good days far outweigh the bad days.  It's on the bad days that I just kick back, take a break and remember....

"Mama said there'd be days like this."  

"Mama Said" was written by Luther Dixon and Willie Denson.  It was released by The Shirelles in 1961 and became a top ten hit on the Pop and R&B charts. 

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