October 19, 2013

Home Movies ~ Betty Chisum Wedding

This clip was taken outside the Methodist Church before and after Betty Chisum's Wedding.  Betty is the daughter of Edward Walling "Little Walling" Chisum and Alberta Cruse Graham.

Some of the people you'll see in this clip:
Willie Woodward
Olga Knight Seal
Estelle Woodward Peck
Lucille Steele Ogden
Jack Shaffer
Mike Haley
Mrs. Baxter
Don and Elizabeth Baxter
Yelverton "Yelvie" Bondurant
Walling and Cruse Chisum
Aubrey "Buddy", Marjorie Montgomery and Blair Chisum
Bro. L. W. Taylor
Betty Chisum
Marvin "Brother" Nolen
Catherine "Kitty" McNair Nolen
Bob and Evelyn Ogden Rife
Jeanette Saltzman Gremillion
Maurice and Gladys Kendrick Saltzman
J. C. "Sonny" and Barbara Jane Peck Gilbert
Barbara Peck Gilbert 

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