June 27, 2014

Follow Friday - Prune Picker

The featured blog for this Friday's 'Follow Friday' post is Prune Picker.

Blog owner Chuck Monson is a native of California and is retired from the oil exploration and production business.  Chuck now lives in Ruston, Louisiana and uses his blog to tell his life story which spans over eighty years.

He began his blog in April of 2010 and now has over 220,000 pageviews.  

Why he loves to blog...
"I like putting pictures and text together in a way that is hopefully interesting to others and that will be interesting to me in the future.  It is also putting my memories down on paper."

Prune Picker is a blog for all.  Whether your interests are genealogy, history, RVing or you simply enjoy following the everyday life of someone such as Chuck Monson, you will enjoy many of the his stories and photographs.  You will also find that he has a great sense of humor.

Thank you Prune Picker for a great blog.  Keep on bloggin'!

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