January 19, 2014

Sentimental Sunday ~ Pine Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South

Children's Day - Pine Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South

The church name was Pine Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South but it was known as the Pine Hill Methodist Church.

The above photograph was taken in front of the old church building which no longer stands.  Below is a photograph of the site where the church building once stood.

Church records show that on November 26, 1858, John Henry Lovelace, son of Louisa Holstein and Richard Ludwick Lovelace, donated four acres of land for a church to be built in the Pine Hill area.

The four acres also included the cemetery across the street known as the Old Pine Hill Cemetery.

John Henry Lovelace is buried in this cemetery.

Old Pine Hill Cemetery

The church building was completed circa 1860 and continued to be used through at least 1934 per the newspaper obituary of Thomas Jefferson Chisum's funeral which states that his funeral services were held at Pine Hill Church on December 5, 1934.

One of the preachers who served the Pine Hill Methodist Episcopal, South circuit was Reverend Thomas H. McClendon.

Minutes from the LA Methodist Episcopal Church South - 1907
He officiated the wedding of my paternal great grandparents, Isham Alfonso "Al" Steele and Mary Virginia "Mollie" Blackman.

Reverend McClendon was married to Henrietta "Hettie" A. Green who was the daughter of Reverend Thomas Louis Green and Tabitha Randle Ledbetter. 

Reverend and Mrs. McClendon are buried in the Old Pine Hill Cemetery.

Rev. Thomas H. McClendon
Henrietta "Hettie" Green McClendon


  1. Wow, I see my parents, grandparents and great grandparents graves close to the mossy tree! Both sides of my paternal family, Kendrick's and Tidwell's from the 1800's, are buried in that area. I remember the Methodist church that my grandmother, Maggie Lizabeth Kendrick Kimball Tidwell, attended. When I was about 13 (1964), my cousin and I crawled through a window of the falling down building. There were still pews and the old organ still inside! I was sad when they tore it down. Awesome historical job you are doing Debbie. You are much appreciated!!! Linda

  2. I didn't know about the Lovelace connection to Pinehill. Don't know why I never connected the dots. I think John's parents Richard and Louisa were buried at Gillis Place. I remember Daddy telling me their story. Thanks for sharing all this information.