July 24, 2014

Thriller Thursday - Assassination Attempt on Catahoula Sheriff, 1888

The following article appeared in the August 4, 1888 edition of the Colfax Chronicle in Colfax, Louisiana:

An Attempt to Assassinate the Sheriff of Catahoula.
A mostly cowardly attempt at murder was perpetrated upon the streets of Harrisonburg, Catahoula parish, Monday, July 30, at 10 o'clock.  It seems that Dr. W. E. Robb, the newly elected sheriff of Catahoula parish, missed some $350 whilst acting as sheriff in place of John P. Routon, an adjudged defaulter, in 1866, and accused the Hollomon Brothers, in whose safe the money was deposited, of allowing the same to be extracted.
Last week Cary Hollomon for Hollomon Brothers wrote Dr. Robb a note denying all knowledge of the missing money.  Dr. Robb replied, saying the money was missing from their safe and refused to retract a word.
Monday at the time above mentioned Dr. Robb went to the post office, and upon his return was fired at without any warning by Wm. H. and Henry Hollomon, from their store, eleven buckshot penetrating his legs and terribly shattering his left thigh.  Three shots were fired, two by W. H. Hollomon and one by Henry Hollomon.
As soon as the news reached Trinity (Robb's home), a crowd at once organized and chartered the steamer Teal, lying at Troyville, and proceeded to Harrisonburg, brought Dr. Robb to Trinity, where he now lies in a critical condition.
The whole country is aroused, and there is no telling where it will end.
No cause whatever can be assigned for the attempted killing of Robb.  He did not speak a word, nor had he for three or four days to the Hollomons.  It looks like a premeditated affair.  
Hollomon after the shooting, surrendered and claimed protection from expected mob law, which was talked of.  There has never been such an excitement in the parish.

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