July 25, 2014

Follow Friday - Old Picture of the Day

The featured blog for this Friday's 'Follow Friday' post is Old Picture of the Day.

Blog owner PJM began 'Old Picture of the Day' back in 2007.  Each day he posts a photograph from times past.  To date, he has posted over 2,600 photographs of everything you can imagine.

Just a few of my favorites...


Girls on a Harley

Milk Bottle Diner

Army Aviators


Old Storefront-Natchez, MS

Police Woman

From his profile, PJM shares the following:
"I grew up in West Texas, and could not wait to get away. I got away, and went to the University of Texas, and then on to Stanford. I saw the world, and decided what I really wanted was to be in West Texas. So here I am, right back where I started. I had it all, and found it was not that great."

Pay his blog a visit.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the photographs and the stories he adds to each one.

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