May 27, 2014

Michael and Eliza Manning McMillin Family

Michael McMillin was born circa 1806.  Some records indicate his place of birth was Ireland.  Other records show his place of birth as New York.  The first record of residency in Catahoula Parish is the 1850 U. S. census.  Prior to the September 2, 1850 census, Michael had married Eliza Manning and was the father of one son.

By 1860, three more sons had been born to the marriage of Michael and Eliza.  Eliza Manning McMillin died circa 1858.  The 1860 census shows Michael McMillin and children living in the township of Black River near Trinity in Catahoula Parish.

Michael McMillin died in January of 1870 in Carroll, Louisiana.

The following children were born to the marriage of Michael McMillin and Eliza Manning:
Talbert "Tolly" Arthur
John West
George Washington
Talbert "Tolly" Arthur McMillin was born in 1850.  On October 19, 1871 he married Hulda Ann Finlay who was born on December 5, 1850 to the marriage of William Campbell Finlay and Miranda Poole. Tolly died on August 20, 1919.  Hulda died on February 8, 1940.

Children born to this marriage were:
Michael Manuel, 1872-1934 (m. Catherine Caroline Davis, 1886-1966)
William Lankford, 1873-1951 (m. Lavenia Tyler, 1876-1910)
Elizabeth "Lizzie", 1874-1934 (m. James Caughey Webb, 1873-1956)
George Washington, 1877-?
James Robert, 1878-1962 (m. Sarah S., 1880-1957)
Susie, 1883-1952 (m. Joseph W. Tyler, 1881-1968)
Nan Elvira "Nannie", 1887-1945 (m. Morris Terry, 1886-1951)
Cye, 1887-? (m. Irene Marr, 1892-?)
Tolbert Ray, 1894-1977 (m. Lillie Hazel Terry, 1897-1967)
James McMillin was born on July 19, 1852.  On December 18, 1873 he married Harriet Eleanor "Ellen" Finlay who was born on March 16, 1858.  Ellen was a sister to Tolly's wife, Hulda.  James died on February 18, 1903.  Ellen died on January 23, 1928.  Both are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Manifest, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Tombstone photographs were taken by FindAGrave member, Chiquita Richison Thompson.

Children born to the marriage of James McMillin and Ellen Finlay were:
Eliza, 1876-1950 (m. Abraham M. Womack, 1878-1945)
Matilda, 1879-1948 (m. Edward N. Dosher, 1878-1944)
James Drew, 1884-1944 (m. Nannie L. Kirkland, 1886-1974)
Tolly Arthur, 1887-1924 (m. Eula Campbell, 1894-1965)
Wade, 1891-1973 (m. Iva Mayfield, 1904-1965)
Erastus, 1895-after 1910
Luther J., 1897-1992 (m. Fannie R. Wright, 1902-2004)
John West McMillin was born in 1854.  He married Julia Ann King circa 1878.  Julia was born on April 1, 1858.  Some time after 1880 and before 1900 John, Julia and children moved to Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi.  

John died in 1886 and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Manifest, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Julia died on January 14, 1931 and is buried in the Natchez City Cemetery in Natchez, Mississippi.  Tombstone photographs were taken by FindAGrave members, Chiquita Richison Thompson and Peter Bundgard, respectively.

Children born to the marriage of John West McMillin and Julia Ann King were:
Nezzie, 1881-1948 (m. Ira Eli Campbell, 1876-1945)
John, 1882-1952 (m. Irene C. Plunkett, 1909-1975)
Rosalie, 1886-after 1940 (m. Frederick W. Koops, 1877-after 1940)
George Washington McMillin was born on September 10, 1856.  He married Sarah Matilda "Sallie" Young circa 1877.  Sallie was born on January 7, 1861 to the marriage of Peter Young and Sarah Callahan. 

George died on September 18, 1882.  He is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Manifest, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Tombstone photograph was taken by FindAGrave mrmber, Chiquita Richison Thompson.

Following George's death, Sallie married Martin Terry.  She died on January 9, 1951 and is buried in Los Angeles, California where she and Martin made their home.  

Children born to the marriage of George Washington McMillin an Sarah Matilda "Sallie" Young were:
Lillian October "Lillie", 1878-1914 (m. Owen L. Dosher, 1875-1928)
George, 1880-1925 (m. Almeta E. Poole, 1884-1974)

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