June 24, 2013

Talented Tuesday ~ Joseph Raymond Peace, Sr.

Raymond Peace

Joseph Raymond Peace, Sr. was born in Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana on December 20, 1920.  He was the son of Wallace Meacham Peace and Annie Jean Horton.

Raymond graduated from Haynesville High School where he played football for the Tornadoes.  Next to his family, football would become the love of his life.

In 1948, Raymond Peace was hired as the first football coach for Sicily Island High School in Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana. Later, he also served as the principal and held that position for many years.

Raymond Peace coached the Tigers for 27 years and amassed a winning record that was unmatched throughout those years.  His last year to coach the Tigers was 1975.

Raymond Peace is listed in The Louisiana High School Football Coaches 200 Win Club with the following record:
Won:  228
Lost:  58
Tied: 5
Average Win per Season:  8.8
*based on 26 years

What the record books and statistics don't show is the impact this man had on the lives of the players he coached as well as every student who passed through the halls of Sicily Island High School during his tenure.

Raymond Peace taught us the importance of discipline, perseverance, loyalty and yes, winning; whether on the field or off.

His love of the game was evident to all who knew him.

Coach Peace died on October 19, 1992. 

The memories he left behind and the many lives he touched proved the measure of the man.

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