January 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Pearson 50th Wedding Anniversary

Abbott and Bertha Pearson -  April 13, 1980
Courtesy of Karen Barron Egloff

Pearsons Celebrate Golden Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Pearson were honored April 13 with a reception by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Carey Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cater and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Barron.

Courtesy of Karen Barron Egloff
Approximately 115 guests were present to help the honorees celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Out-of-town guests were:  Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cowart, Johnny and Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brasher, Bradley and Misty Partin of Baton Rouge.

Also:  Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKay of Columbia; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. Sarville Purvis, Mrs. Mattie Hall, Mrs. Wilma McCarver of Jonesville.

Also:  Mr. and Mrs. Horace Blair, Mrs. Mable Brooks of Wisner; Mrs. Gladys Opely, Gene Pearson of Winnsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Egloff, Angel and Onice [Aimee] of Monroe; Mrs. Helen Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Bryant, Lucy and Corina of Pollock and Mr. and Mrs. Carey Pearson, Page and Dan of Bossier City.

Courtesy of Karen Barron Egloff

Abbott and Bertha McKay Pearson had the following children:
Barbara Jean
Dora Virginia
Carey W.

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