January 9, 2015

Friday's Faces From the Past - S. I. Elementary School Teachers, 1968-69

El Tigre, 1968-69 edition
Mrs. Joy Vaught (1st Grade) - Mary Joy Miller was born on December 12, 1934 to the marriage of Mary Artie Garrison Miller and Byron Kingston "B. K." Miller, Sr.  She married Henry Gordon Vaught and had one daughter, Mary Eva.  She died on June 26, 2012.

Mrs. Deleta Peniston (4th Grade) - Deleta Furr was born on November 10, 1909 to the marriage of Levi Wray Furr and Emma Cordelia Girault.  She married Homer Ellis Conn.  Following her first husband's death, she married John Willard Peniston.  She died on November 3, 2003.

Mrs. Irma Enright (2nd Grade) - Julia Irma Stutson was born on December 16, 1904 to the marriage of Zebulon York Stutson and Lottie Johnson.  She married Clarence Edward Enright, Sr. and was the mother of Clarence Edward, Jr., James Wilmer, John Richard, Julia Eleanor, Charles Allen and Thomas Leslie, Sr.  She died on July 18, 2000.

Mrs. Anita Oliphant  (3rd Grade) - Anita Bondurant was born on August 20, 1905 to the marriage of Yelverton Bondurant, Sr. and Pearl Ensminger.  She died on May 14, 1995.

Mrs. Sophie Lee Haley (5th Grade) - Sophie Lee Crawford was born on October 24, 1910 to the marriage of Samuel Cooke Crawford and Rachel Victoria Seal.  She married Claude Benton Haley and was the mother of one son, Charles Michael.

Mrs. Bernice Taylor (6th Grade) - Bernice was the wife of Reverend Luther W. "L. W." Taylor who served as pastor of the Sicily Island United Methodist Church.  Their children were Joy, Mike, Keith and Wayne.

Mrs. Mae Cruse (Special Education) - Mary Grace "Mae" McKay was born on January 13, 1909 to the marriage of Thomas Columbus McKay and Annie Adelot Punchard.  She married Joseph Clarmon Cruse and was the mother of David, Joe Keith and Marcia Ann.  She died on October 15, 1994.

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