September 30, 2014

Sicily Island Petitions to Become Incorporated, 1955

The following article appeared in the April 6, 1955 edition of the Monroe News Star:


Move Underway To Incorporate Sicily Island

SICILY ISLAND, April 6 (Special) - A move to incorporate Sicily Island is progressing, with the required percentage of voters having signed petitions which were being circulated.

State Rep. G. C. Womack of Catahoula parish, will present the petitions to Governor Robert Kennon and request that he present the town a charter.

Kennon will also be asked to designate persons selected at an open meeting here to serve as town officials until an election can be held.

Lonnie Franks was selected as mayor, with M. I. Saltzman, Bruce Edmonds, T. J. Peniston, Willund [Walling] Chisum, Jr., and Clark Salter as councilmen.

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