August 14, 2014

Thriller Thursday - Desperado Shot Down by Actor at Troyville, 1888

The following article appeared in the August 8, 1888 edition of the Ouachita Telegraph in Monroe, Louisiana:

Ouachita Telegraph 8/8/1888

A Desperado Shot Down by an Actor.
NATCHEZ, MISS., Dec. 4.--The news comes today of a shooting scrape at Troyville, La., which resulted in the death of one man and the wounding of another.  L. L. Stubbs, who was in charge of a stave factory, a short distance above Troyville, was a quiet man when sober, but when too much under whiskey's influence was a desperate man.  He has been noted for his escapades, especially his insults to ladies when drunk.  Last night at Troyville he grossly insulted a lady who has charge of a hotel.  Not satisfied with this he repeated his insulting remark to the wife of a member of the Nickel Plate show, which left this city for Troyville last week.
The lady's husband interfered, resenting the insult which had been offered both ladies, when Stubbs, true to his reputation, fired upon and wounded him, and in return received a shot which produced death.  The slayer made his escape.
Stubbs, it is said, has a very unsavory reputation and was recognized as a desperate man, and his taking off is looked upon as a good deed.--Times Democrat.

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