February 11, 2014

The Civil War ~ Gilmore's Ferry, September 5, 1863

Gilmore's Ferry was located along the Little River
The following transcription is from a collection of letters written by Union and Confederate officers during the Civil War.  Catahoula Bank in Harrisonburg and Jonesville provided a complimentary transcription of this collection in 1966.

Gilmore's Ferry
Little River
September 5, 1863

Assistant Adjutant General
Alexandria, La.

MAJOR:  I evacuated Fort Beauregard at 3 A. M. yesterday and destroyed the works.  Find it impossible for General (Colonel Horace) Randal to reinforce me, and in accordance with his advice, I have been endeavoring to form a junction with him, but have been unable to do so, so far.  I hope to join him tomorrow on the Alexandria road 16 miles from Alexandria.

Having only 40 effective men in garrison, I have only been able to save all our wagons, horses, and mules, and four of my best pieces of artillery (three 3-inch rifles and one 12-pound howitzer).

All day on the 3rd instance our cavalry engaged the advance guard of the enemy on the Hawthorn road, with a view to check his progress and prevent his intercepting the forces of General (Colonel) Randal then advancing to our relief, but they were not successful.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding

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