August 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tune ~ O, America!

"O, America!" was written exclusively for the Celtic Woman by Brendan Graham and William Joseph Schwartz.

Listening to the lyrics, I am reminded of my ancestors who came to America so many, many years ago.  One such ancestor was my 7th great grandfather, Pierre Parcot, a French Huguenot who escaped religious persecution and came to America in 1696 seeking religious freedom.

Pierre Parcot and wife, Francoise Gendron, are named among the inhabitants of New Rochelle, New York in 1698.
French Huguenot Monument-Hudson Park, New York
The Sicily Island connection to Pierre Parcot is through his granddaughter, Frances Susan Parcot who married Thomas Steele.  Thomas and Susan Parcot Steele were the great-great grandparents of Isham Alfonso "Al" Steele who moved from Limestone County, Texas to Sicily Island ca. 1888.   Al Steele married Mary Virginia "Mollie" Blackman and they made their home in Sicily Island where they raised three daughters; Mary Allye (Edmonds), Clara Lucille (Ogden), Lena Juanita (Peck).

Pierre Parcot found freedom in America. In turn, he and his long line of descendants became true to America.  Today, we continue to answer America's calling.....

"O, America you're calling,
I can hear you calling me:
You are calling me to be true to thee,
True to thee I will be."

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