August 25, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ If This Old Sidewalk Could Talk

The stories it would tell!

There were many "first day of school" walks that took place along this old sidewalk over the years. Wearing new school clothes and packing new school satchels filled with school supplies, the children would begin their walks as their grandfather captured the scenes with his movie camera.

Children learned to ride their bicycles on this old sidewalk.  Who could forget their first ride without training wheels?  The removal of training wheels brought their first taste of accomplishment and freedom.  They were unstoppable and anything was possible.

Perhaps this old sidewalk would tell of that one Christmas many years ago when a brother and sister would wake mere moments after Santa had arrived to find two shiny spider bikes waiting for them.  Not waiting for the sun to rise, they would sneak outside and take their first rides up and down the sidewalk and the street that ran alongside.

Friends visited, hopscotch was played, cheers were practiced and homecoming parades were viewed, all from this same old sidewalk.

If this old sidewalk could talk, it would explain the pull it continues to have on those who have walked its path over the years and who still walk its path when home for visits.

It would tell of the often felt yearnings they have to be young again.  The need to get a "do-over" on certain things.  The need to regain that feeling of accomplishment and freedom once felt along its path.

If this old sidewalk could talk, it would remind them to learn from their past, live thankfully in the present and seek God's sidewalk for their future.

(Cross-posted from Photos and Footnotes in memory of all the Back To School days of our past)


  1. What a delightful post! I almost felt as if I was standing on that sidewalk as you told its stories; well done!