May 11, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - Bryan and Trichel, 1934

Monroe News Star - 6/25/1934

Mamie "Kidd" Bryan was born in Sicily Island on October 12, 1913 to the marriage of Joseph Henry Bryan and Mary "Mamie" Bennett.  Her siblings included Beatrice [Denham], Clara Myrtle, and Minnie Lea [Glasgow].

Severin Edward Trichel, Jr. was born in Harrisonburg on September 5, 1905 to the marriage of Severin Edward Trichel, Sr. and Sophia Azelia Furlong.  His siblings included Joseph Mortimer, Sosthenne Alouysious, Edwin Berchman, James, Clara [Floyd], Hazel [Lanier], Leo, and Clotile [Struwe].

On June 16, 1934, Kidd and Ed were married in Sicily Island at the home of her sister, Beatrice "Bea" Bryan Denham.  

Below are photographs of the Bennett/Bryan house that were taken in 2011.

Bennett/Bryan House - 2011

Bennett/Bryan House - 2011

As a side note, in 1971 the old Bennett-Bryan house was vacant and badly in need of repair.  Bea's husband, Earl Denham, bought the old Bennett estate and began the work of renovation.  Earl died in 1973 but with the help of Kidd and Edward Trichel, renovations on the old home were completed. 

[Source:  Our Island Heritage, Vol. 3, A Book of Biographical Sketches, compiled by Sophie Crawford Haley and Mickie Farmer Smith, 1978]

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