April 2, 2016

Forgotten Cemeteries, Part Three - Norris Cemetery

The map above shows the Norris Cemetery located outside of Sicily Island near Leland, north of the Peck and Peniston Cemeteries on highway 913.  The cemetery is just south of Norris Springs and is actually on the same side of the highway although the map shows Norris Springs to be on the eastern side of the highway.

Using GPS to guide us, we located what we believed was once the Norris Cemetery.  The photographs below were our first glimpses of the location.

At first glance, the area appeared to be the former site of some type of building.  We noticed the fallen brick structure but also wondered about the height of the fallen portions.  They seemed to be only a couple of feet tall.  This led us to question whether the structure had once been a building or if it had been a low-rise wall around burial locations.

We found one area that could possibly have been a burial site but it appeared to be too short and narrow. Perhaps it had been a walkway between two burial locations?

Just outside the bricked area we discovered a flat stone beneath leaves and fallen branches.  After clearing the area we found a memorial marker for Dr. Richard Henry Norris.

Dr. Richard Henry Norris
August 3, 1803 - 1860

I note that the marker shows, "To The Memory Of" because it has been told that Dr. Norris was originally buried in a vertical grave located closer to Norris Springs and that his remains were later moved to another location.  

It could be that the stories told are true and his remains were moved to a new location.  It is also possible that only a marker was placed in a new location as memorial stones are often placed in locations other than where a person is buried.  However, we searched the area above Norris Springs and found no evidence of a former grave site.

The photograph below shows a portion of another marker we found in what we believe is the Norris Cemetery.  Unfortunately, the top portion was missing so identifying the person buried there was not possible.


The following Norris family members are believed to be buried in the Norris Cemetery:

Harriet Perry Kirkland Norris (1803-abt 1893) - wife of Dr. Richard Henry Norris
Jane Catherine Norris Bondurant (1839-abt 1924) - daughter of Dr. Richard Henry Norris
Horace Bondurant, Sr. (1828-1912) - husband of Jane Catherine Norris
Clara Patton (?-1875) - wife of R. H. Norris, Jr.

Other possible grave sites can be seen in the following photographs:

Possible burial site

Possible burial site

The Family of Dr. Richard Henry Norris

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  1. I grew up in Sicily Island and Norris Springs was our teenage hang out. I have lots of fond memories of S.I. And enjoyed seeing Mr. Peace in the videos. I remember him well.