October 12, 2015

A Sketch of Business Locations in Sicily Island, 1930-1940

The above sketch gives us an idea of how the business section of Sicily Island appeared in the 1930s and early 1940s.  The sketch was drawn by Richard Guy "R. G." Price, Jr. and is displayed in First United Methodist Church.

Below is a second photograph of the sketch with transcriptions.  View this sketch as if approaching Sicily Island from the direction of Harrisonburg on LA Highway 8 East (beginning at the bottom and working your way up).
The horizontal notation along the left side of the sketch states the following:

"All forms of livestock had a free run of the town; cows, sheep, mules, horses, hogs, chickens"

  • LA Hwy 8 ends at the junction of U.S. Hwy 15.
  • Once you turned left onto U.S. Hwy 15 North, the ESSO Service Station was on the right followed by John Hall's Cafe, the Drug Store and the Motel.
  • The area showing the Shell Station and two vacant lots was on the left side of U.S. Hwy 15 North and is where the Short Stop is located today.  

Special thanks to Mr. R. G. Price for creating this sketch.  It is a wonderful piece of history which provides future generations a glimpse of Sicily Island as it was back in the 1930s and 1940s.

Richard Guy "R. G." Price, Jr.

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