July 20, 2015

In Memory of a Faithful Dog and Friend - 1937

Many of us consider our pets a part of our family.  The following article which appeared in the October 15, 1937 edition of the Monroe News Star shows to what extent some will go to honor the friendship and love of a faithful dog.

Monroe News Star - 10/15/1937

Tombstone Placed At Grave Of Dog

Harrisonburg, La., Oct. 15

(Special)--P. P. Bates, retired merchant of Harrisonburg, and former clerk of the court of Catahoula parish has just completed work on the erection of a tombstone in memory of his faithful dog, "Red."

When Red died, in July, 1933, at the age of four years, his master, believing him "too good a dog for the buzzards to eat," built a coffin and buried the dog in the shade of a large pin oak tree in the rear of his lot. The large tree was just outside of his property on land belonging to an old negro, John Moore.  Wanting the tree to stand "forever" as a shade to the grave of his dog, Mr. Bates made an attempt to buy the adjoining land. Terms could not be reached on the purchase of the property, so the tree was bought with the understanding that it would never be cut.

Today the large pin oak tree stands at the head of the dog's grave and shades the site of the grave throughout the day.

The following epitaph is inscribed upon the face of the monument:

"In Memory of 'Red,' my faithful dog--died July, 1933; age four years--death robbed me of a faithful friend.  P. P. Bates."

Seventy-eight years have passed since Mr. Bates sought to honor the memory of his faithful dog and friend.  I wonder if the old pin oak still stands and provides shade to Red's resting place?

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